Design Blind RTS | Android

This Android Strategy game is …. terrible. I guess it probably hooks you with battling that terrible neighbor and wanting to be the best of the best, but even just from the first five seconds, it looks so crap I can’t get into it!

ALSO, it’s so flagrantly pay to win! I don’t wanna pay to win, I wanna PLAY to WIN!

Like Diablo II for Android, But Better


So, the graphics in this game are way closer to what you’d expect from a 2014 Android game.  You know all those crap cake graphic games, this is seriously not one of them.  The graphics, shadows, shaders on my Galaxy S5 are awesome. I especially love the fire red dungeons. They look gothic. Lots of skeletons. It’s cool. Like Diablo II for Android, only better than Diablo II for android would be.

Gameplay wise, the game is pretty simple, just a hack and slash. Only catch is, it’s flawlessly done. I liked this game from the first time I moved, the mover works perfectly, keeps your thumbs out of sight and out of mind. I love that.




Check out this pic, bosses are big:

eternitywarriors android


The game also has multiplayer and pvp built in, so it’s almost perfect! This is like Diablo II but even better. It makes my mouth smile. =D


eternity warrior 3


So, if you like the game. Get it soon!  Also, watch the video for my name and feel free to add me!

Android Racing Drifting | Ridge Racer Review


At H&M, buying clothes, playing this game while standing in the lonnngg line for the checkout counter. The guy behind me starts asking about the game. It’s that cool looking. This Android Racing game is really fast and simple. The gas is applied automatically and you determine steering and braking, both of which help you drift like crazy around turns. You also have super-crazy-fast Nitro, of course.


I’ve been playing for a couple weeks and love this game. I often just play arcade or one round of the races. It’s a looker of a game and sucks me in. I like that.

The menu screens offer plenty for upgrading, in app purchases and modding your car. Thankfully you can earn credit in the game and painting your car is free. =D

Ultimately, I’m absolutely loving this game. It might be one of my favorites for 2014.


Horrible Android Puzzle | 100 Balls Game Review

This. Game. Is. Terrible. I’ve never played such a horrible Android game.  Now, I got this game because it was high rated in the Play Store.  WHYYYYY?! I think they must have payed some service to boost their rankings.  The game not only fails multiple times but also barely makes sense, has NO MENU, no high score and not even an explanation of WHAT THE POINT IS.  This game is would be an awesome WTF game if it weren’t for the adds that constantly popup MID game.  You’re bound to click.

Check my video below, skip towards the end for a more sound idea of how I felt about it. At first I was trying to be optimistic. Way way too optimistic.

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Fastpaced Android Shooter | Major Mayhem Review



Somehow, feminism creeped into this game. Or didn’t.  More like this games blatant machismo made it feel really hollow.  This is getting really academic for an otherwise entertaining shooter.  The game is exceedingly simply, basically you swipe around to shoot at ninja’s as you try to rescue your girlfriend.  Yet the over-the-top masculinity of this game, however sarcastic, feels a bit too much like the aughts. I couldn’t help thinking back to Team America and all the times I laughed along, or nodded agreement that I liked that movie. I fucking hated it.

Overall, good game, didn’t work for me.  I might still play it some more because the animation is good (Adult Swim) and the game action is simple enough for the subway. Otherwise, probably not.

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Artistic Android Game | BioGloom



BioGloom is a beautiful artistic Android game.  The mechanics are simple but this is made up for by some pretty artwork. I’d say take a look at the video review below and see if it’s the type of art that interests you.
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In all, the game really reminds me of the Sega Genesis classic Echo which featured a dolphin. Though not nearly as immersive, this game does let you explore the ocean, which I love, and wins some points for me.


Android RTS | Galaxy at War Online Review (SciFi)

StarCraft was easily the most influential game of my childhood and it shows in my fascination for science fiction related games.  To judge Galaxy at War Online by the screenshots, it appeared it was a similarly structured RTS.  It is in fact a closer to a MMORTS. There are five or six servers with “thousands” of accounts and perhaps 200-300 really active players on each server. For a good initial feel of the game, I’d recommend watching the video, as it might provide a clearer picture on the fixed nature of this 2014 Anroid RTS.



The Global Chat is pretty awesome, it is literally everyone in your Galaxy chatting together. Lots of multiple conversations happening in French, Russian, German and English.  Of course, there are also private rooms and personal messages to avoid the chaos.



Much less awesome is the painful set up of navigating the game.  Many important buttons, such as the navigation and home buttons in menus, are placed at the top corners, to which my thumb just doesn’t stretch, and therefore you have to use two hands to press the buttons.

The game seems to be pretty evenly paced.  After playing for 5 days I am still under a protective 7 day armistice for noobs and have leveled up to level 20 without attacking or being attacked.

The game has definitely begun to slow down as wait time for upgrades has grown from easy money to massively expensive and long wait times.  This certainly gives the feeling that those who are playing the game are here to stay, and those that just wanted to shoot some spaceships for fun have probably left the game long ago. Still this game does have solid elements and is worth of being called an Android RTS game.